What Makes us different –

Home Fragrance is our passion! But Not just Wax Melts!
We now have a huge range which is ever growing!
We have sourced lots of handmade products from hand carved wooden figures, hand painted canvases, handmade Bird boxes & Wind Chimes. Take a look at our handmade coconut lamps they are one of our favourites!

There are many Candle & Wax Melt makers. We only use Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable and Ethically sourced products. All of our products are cruelty free. We are passionate about gifts and home fragrance, but much more about animals. Most of our products are also Vegan friendly.

 All our packaging for our own brand products are plastic free! Using recycled or recyclable materials, our labels are all made from recycled paper too and even the mail bags are biodegradable/compostable! Where necessary where we need to use bubble wrap or spacers these are green in colour which indicates they are biodegradable.

Many Candles & Wax Melts out there on the market contain glitters & decorations – a lot use Mica. Mica is unethical just google image search “mica mines” you will see why we refuse to use it. We do not use these decorations. There are synthetic versions but these come with possible health risks and/or contain plastics. These decorations may look pretty but they are far from it in reality – harmful, damaging, unethical and well they also tend burn and mark your burners!

We are also CLP Compliant, CLP info is on all of our own products. We are fully insured for both Public Liability and Product Liability. This means that our products are also insured in your home. All cosmetics have also had the necessary safety checks. All documentation can be produced upon request.

Many of our handmade home & garden items are imported usually imported from Bali & India, mainly from family run businesses which makes and creates these beautiful products. Our supplier buys direct from the families, they have made a close relationship with over the years.
These are individually handmade to the finest quality, our supplier works with the family businesses ensuring they get the best price, Our supplier visits these families regularly and ensures there welfare and income is always priority.

Our Story

We are a small family run business, in fact there’s just the 3 of us! Ant (that’s me) my partner Craig & our boy Leon.
Craig and I met in 2010 and have been inseparable since, we worked and lived together for the first 6 years of our relationship! Most couples couldn’t bare to be together 24/7 but actually this we believe is what made us stronger together! We both worked in clothing manufacturing, our desks where adjacent! Quite literally during these 6 years we where only apart for the odd 10-20 minutes and even those occasions where rare!
Unfortunately in late 2016 the company we worked for fell on hard times, and people where being laid off, the fairest way was “last in – first to go”, Craig having been at the company for 18 years was having to make these hard decisions. I had been there for 6 years now, there was a girl who was next in line to go, we where not just colleagues but friends. She had kids and was one of the hardest workers. I decided I was to step down and leave myself keeping her job safe for now.
I soon found another job doing something completely different, working retail in a supermarket. I was full time for the first few years, until in 2017 I had to reduce down to part time as we had some family issues, a family member Leon who was 6 at the time was being taken into care. We had always had a lot to do with Leon and had a close relationship. Craig and I applied to be Foster Carers with our local authorities, during the lengthy application process social services agreed Leon could come to stay with us, it was a long hard battle but we got there in the end and where approved as Foster carers in 2018. More importantly Leon was placed with us on a long term basis!
Fast forward a year later and in 2019 Leon did not like the constant visits from social workers, they would turn up at school taking him out of class, a visit every two weeks at home it was starting to affect him, So we applied to the court to become Leon’s Legal Guardians, this was granted towards the end of the year and he was no longer under Social Services!
So by year 9 we now had our own little family and our pets (we are big animal lovers!) everything was perfect.
Just as we thought it couldn’t get better disaster struck, Craig became seriously unwell. Back and two to hospitals, consultants, tests & scans it took some months but in 2020 just before Covid struck he was finally diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease.
What then became our new normal was partly due to Covid because of his illness – We where all in isolation The consultants recommend that the three of us should be shielding (housebound) except for taking Craig to IV Therapy every 4-6 weeks. The three of us remained on what we can describe as house arrest for 16 months! Must of been hell you may be thinking…. No for us it was like going back to the beginning of our relationship where we spent 24/7 together for all those years.
That’s when we started to find something to do and that is where we became Cantraig!
I have since returned to work, but it’s made us realise being apart like we had done since I got a new job was not for us, our goal is that one day I can give up my job and both of us to be back like it was working together and being with each other 24/7 running Cantraig and living life as we know best – Together!

We hope you love our products as much as we do, and hopefully with some luck and success we can take this to the next step and be working together again!