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What is an Give & Earn FAQ’s

Something exciting!! We are giving all existing customers the chance to try it out first!
Give your Friends & Family a FREE pack of melts + discounts on every order and you earn too!
Give & Earn is our Affiliate Program.

•How do I become an Affiliate?
1) Ask us to activate this on your customer account. Simply contact us with the join now button at the top and bottom of this page.
2) You will have access to a special discount code and a link in your account.
3) Share your special code with friends and family, or give them your unique link then they don’t have to enter the code.
4) When your friends and family use your code or link you earn 10% commission!

•What do my Friends & Family get?
You have two options-
1) The they can get any pack of wax melts FREE (just pay 99p postage) only one per customer.
2) The second is a discount, they can re-use this as often as they like.

•What do I get?
1) You will get 25p + 10% commission for every order that’s made using your code or link.
2) A total of 20% for personal purchases, made up of discount + commission (yes commission on your own orders!). You need to enter your own code during checkout for this.

So if you spend £20 on a personal sale you would earn £3.
If a customer spends £20 with your code or link you get £2. That’s £5 right away!
Five customers spending £20 each would earn you £10!

• Can I really get cash?
Yes you can! Everyone with a customer account has access to our VIP Rewards, these can be used against purchases but if your an Active Affiliate you can request a cash out of this reward and have the money paid into a bank account or PayPal.
You earn in several ways and they can add up rather quickly!
There’s no minimum or maximum, all we do say is only one withdrawal per calendar month.

How does it work?

An Active Affiliate will have two personal codes & links made available on their affiliate dashboard. These are for you to share.
It’s up to you how you share-
1) You can tell them the Code to enter themselves during checkout.
2) Give them your direct link – no codes needed.

First Code/Link- Free Wax Melts.
This link will give the customer one free pack of wax melts. This link can only be used once per customer. If a customer only purchases the free wax melts then there will be no commission on this order. If they add any other items to their basket you will earn commission. The customer needs to add any of our Own Brand Wax Melts to their basket.
Second Code/Link- 5% Discount.
This link will give the customer 5% discount on their order. This can be used as many times as they wish.

Commission is only paid if a customer clicks one of these links or enters your code to order.

A returning customer must use your 5% off link or code on every order they make for you to receive commission. If they do not use your link for each purchase no discount will be given to the customer and you will not earn commission for that order.


We have two types of inactivity.
1) Personal InactivityInactivity Period: 2 Months
If you make no personal orders within this time.
2) Customer InactivityInactivity Period: 3 Months
If no orders have been placed by customers using your links within this time.

Your account will automatically disable should you exceed either of these and you will become an Inactive Affiliate. Once disabled commission can not be withdrawn. Your commission can still be used to make orders as a regular customer. Your links or codes will no longer work. You can re-activate by getting in touch however you will need to gain a new customer to be able to cash out your commission. A new customer is classed as someone who has not purchased from us before and has a different address to any other customer.

Personal Use – 20%!

You get 20% in total for personal sales only. This means items for personal use only.
You can use the 5% off code on your own orders and get a total of 20%. (5% instant discount and 15% in vip reward points).

Who can I give my links/codes to?

You may give your links or coupon codes to anyone, you may publish your links on social media or anywhere you like.
However there is one rule- you must not post your links on any competitors posts, websites etc. This includes any business big or small. By competitors we mean a company who sells similar products to us.

Additional Information

Do not spam posts and/or post your links unnecessarily.
If we suspect your abusing the “Personal Use” or we get any reports of misuse, spam, false claims or complaints will result in your Active Affiliate being disabled immediately and commission will be removed. Currently affiliate links/codes can not be used in conjunction with another discount/promotion.
An Active Affiliate earns commission on sales they generate from customers they introduce and on following orders where the customer uses their code or link. Commission rate is set out on the affiliate dashboard, and can change at any time.
Commission is paid to the VIP Rewards within 24 hours of us completing the customers order. This means after we have processed and dispatched the order.
An Active Affiliate can cash out these points by getting in touch with us. We will pay out your request within 3 working days of receiving your request or bank details if we don’t already have them. Only one cash out per calendar month.


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