Aromatherapy Car Diffuser Set


Complete set includes –

  • Diffuser of your choice
  • 10 colours of reusable felt pads
  • 1 bottle Fragrance Oil

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Enhance your trip with this unique aromatherapy diffuser.

You can select your favourite essential oils or blends and experience the positive health benefits they provide while driving.  

The designer locket contains a felt pad which can hold a few drops of oil.                                                     Clip to the ventilation panel in your car to allow the fragrance to flow.

The locket is made of high quality stainless steel and is supplied with 10 reusable felt pads in a variety of colours which are also washable. Also includes 1 bottle of your chosen fragrance Aromatherapy Car Blend.


  1. Focus & DriveThis refreshing  combination of the Rosemary, Lime and Frankincense essential oils will keep you feeling fresh & focused and may help you to make good decisions while on the road.
  2. Family Trip – A beautiful blend of sweet, woody Cedarwood essential oil and citrus , fruity Bergamot essential oil may help you to reduce stress and increase alertness, both very useful on busy driving trips with your family and friends.
  3. Travel EaseCombined of minty scent of Spearmint essential oil and cool citrusy scent of Lemon essential oil , this blend may help to clear your mind and improve your concentration and mood, also may ease the anxiety which can be beneficial for those who are new to driving.
  4. Long DriveThis bright, zesty, refreshing blend of Tangerine, Grapefruit and Lime essential oils will not only keep your car feel fresh and clean but may also help increase your energy, enhance mood and keep you concentrated on those long everyday travels.
  5. Traffic JamIf you are feeling overwhelmed with everyday busy traffic, or are looking to increase your focus or motivation to help you drive safely, this beautiful blend of sweet Lavender,  herbal scent of Rosemary and citrus-fresh Mandarin essential oil may be a great choice.
  6. Grand Tour This uplifting combination of crisp , citrus scent of May Chang, fruity floral Ylang Ylang and musky Patchouli essential oils may help you keep your strength and create a cheering atmosphere during long journeys in any season.

Replacement oils Available Here

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Guardian Angel, Football, Car Wheel, Angel Wings, Lotus Buddha, Flower Of Life, Dragonfly, Hamsa, Pewter Yoga Chakra, Tree Of Life

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Focus & Drive, Family Trip, Travel Ease, Long Drive, Traffic Jam, Grand Tour


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