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Become a rep?

We occasionally take on Rep positions, if your interested please read the following and fill the form in at the bottom.
Reps get discounts & earn commission!

What is a rep?

As a rep you are representing us and recommending our products to your friends & family.

What does being a rep involve?

Most likely your already doing it! As above you will be recommending our products to your friends and family, by telling them all about us and by sharing our social media posts. The only difference – you will have your own personal discount code to share!
You will also need to be actively Liking & Sharing our social media posts.

What do I get?

As a rep you will get-

  • 15% personal discount!
  • 10% commission from customers first purchase!
  • Free products!

•10% commission is paid on your customers first order, and only when they use your customer code. If a customer forgets to use your customer code then you can ask them to use it on their next order. The customer code can only be used once per customer. 

• Each customer that becomes a regular customer (places 3+ orders) we will issue you a bonus 500 points – £5

*Commission is paid by means of points to your account.  Within 48 hours of a customer using your Customer Code we will credit your account with points – 10% of the customers order total.

For example if your customer spends £20.00 we will issue you with 200 points - worth £2.00 (10% commission). 
This customer comes back and orders with us for the third time, we then issue you with 500 points. 
Every point is worth 1p.
This one customer has earned you 700 points worth £7.

You will also earn points as any other customer on our website. Please see VIP Rewards for details.

You can use your points as discounts or if you have enough completely free orders. 

Cash Out Points-

Only Active Reps* can cash out the following amounts-

2750 points = £25

3300 points = £30

5500 points = £50 

Cash Outs can take up to 7 days to process. You will need to request a cash out, it is not automatic.

How it works –

We issue you with two codes for the website –

  1. Your personal discount code (15%) – Your personal code is for you to use on every order you make, this is for personal use only and not for you to buy products for anyone else.
  2. Your customer code (10% off 1st order) – Your customer code is the code you will give to friends and family or you can include this code when you share our posts on social media. This code gives new customers 10% off their first order.

• We are happy for you to use any of our images from the website or from our social media, we are also happy for you to use your own plain images. 

• We are happy for you to copy and paste any text from our website or social posts.

•You can write your own posts – however please do not make any claims.
“These wax melts are better than any others” – This is a Claim – Not Allowed.
“These wax melts are better than any others I have tried” – This is an opinion – Allowed

• If you want to write your own post and want to mention Clearpay the only text you can use without approval from us is “Accepting Clearpay” Any other text relating to Clearpay must be approved by us.

• If you wanted to add any text to our images you have saved we ask that you send us the image first to check over. You can create and add text to your own images.

•We encourage you to share our social media posts, when sharing you can of course share your customer code.

•If you are a member of Social Media Groups – Please do not spam posts, only comment on any social post once, you may of course reply to comments.
Please only comment if it’s meeting the users request (For instance in Wax Melts groups, so often we see potential customers ask who sells …. and vendors and reps reply with links and they do not even have what the user is asking for).

We expect you to do your own research, there is a lot of information on our website which should answer any questions. If you can not find it we are always happy to help.

We have a Facebook page, a Facebook group and an Instagram page. You can share any of this information. The only thing when sharing any promotions we may run. Your customers can only use one code, they will not be able to use your customer code and a code that we have made available for a promotion.

Keeping our brand safe.

​​•We ask that you let people know you are a rep for us. That you are in no way connected to our brand, employed or otherwise – simply stating your a representative or customer, that you are recommending us.

•We can at any time request you to remove any posts or content from your social media. If we ask you to remove something we ask that this is done ASAP (preferably within 24 hours).

•Rep position is not permanent, we may give you 7 days notice if we intend to deactivate your rep position. We may deactivate your Rep position if you show no account activity or new customer activity for a period of 6+ weeks. You will be given 7 days notice. During this 7 days, you can either make a personal purchase or gain a new customer to re activate your position. If after 7 days your rep position is deactivated any points you have left you will keep and can continue to use them as a regular customer.

•We can end the agreement at any time without notice, although this has never happened it’s something that we need in place in the event of misuse, which could be damaging for our brand. If we end the agreement due to miss use and deactivate your rep position, you will not be eligible for any cash outs, your points will be temporarily removed and you will have the opportunity to appeal the decision.

•Any discounts, incentives or otherwise may change at any time.

Start Your Journey With Cantraig & Enquire To Be A Rep Today!

Please complete the following for,. We will get back in touch with you over the next few weeks to discuss becoming a rep.

We would prefer you to have ordered with us before applying, so that you know what you are recommending. If you place an order and then apply to become a rep we will apply your personal discount as points.
Your location is used so we don’t end up having too many reps in one area, if your area is already filled we will place your application on hold until a space frees up. We wouldn’t want too many reps in one area competing for sales. This makes it better for you, so we restrict it to only 2 or 3 reps per area.

Please let us know your County. We limit the number of reps per area so that there is no competition between reps.
Things like previous experience, social media followers and why you would like to be a rep for
Please give group name and platform. Such as "GROUP NAME - Facebook"

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